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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Not Long Now

Turned cold again, this winter has not been a good one for us anglers with all this cold weather and snow, lets hope its a bit warmer on the Cauvery, still plenty of fish being caught, please may it continue for another couple of weeks.

Gear is now packed and unpacked and checked and repacked and ....................

In this country once the traffic in a town or city gets busy they build a bypass and over the years even bypasses have been bypassed, no such problem in India, in the picture below you can see the answer, just demolish the front half of the houses, widen the road and hey presto no bypass needed.

It will be interesting how far they have progressed in rebuilding these houses and shops.

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pike Trip with Paul Garner

I had a cracking day yesterday with good friend Paul Garner we met up on one of his favourite pike waters near St Ives, bad news when we got there as the lake we wanted to fish was frozen, we stuck at it for a few hours on another lake before the milder air at last melted the ice on the water we had wanted to fish.

Paul had the first run only a few minutes after we moved and at just over 20lb he was well pleased

Around an hour later it was my turn as another bait slowly slid away, once in the net first impressions were another 20, but the scales told otherwise with 19lb 4oz recorded, none the less a new P.b for me so I'll settle for that.

News from Galibore camp in India is that the Mahseer are on the feed, local mate Brian Naylor has just returned from his first trip and had plenty of fish including some 30s 40 and even a 50lb fish, thats fantastic fishing but even that can be beaten by My old mate Rich Bedder who had an 83lb Mahseer last sunday the day he arrived in the camp, I know how much that will mean to Rich and good on him for it, just one word thou leave a few of the bigguns for me and Ken to catch.