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Thursday, 31 May 2012


What a day up at 0345 on the road at 0430 just got back at 2000, but it was worth it to attend a product review and development meeting with the team at Korum.

I feel both honoured and privileged to be involved with such a great team and simply the best tackle company there is.

Today we have looked at products old and new and with some of the biggest names in specialist angling around the table you can be sure some exciting new products are in the pipeline.

The Most important and detailed discussions of the day centred around the new XPERT range that will encompasses a whole collection of top quality tackle aimed at the specialist angler. For now the majority of whats planned will have to remain secret but rest assured as the range develops you will be some of the first to know.

However heres a sneak preview of some rods from the new range trust me when I say these will be some of the best rods you have ever seen, the quality of the blank and finish is of the highest standard only normally seen on hand built custom rods.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Me Jealous? You Bet!

Our great friend and Dutch barbel nut Tim Janssen has been out catching again, luckily in Holland they don't have to put up with any antiquated close season rules, so I am very jealous that Tim and our other friends in Holland and Germany can get out and catch a barbel or 2 just when the want.

Tim like me is a big fan of Sonubaits products, for 2 reasons, 1: they are the best quality baits on the market and 2: they catch lots of fish.

Tim was using the new spicy sausage pellets and hook-baits, in testing these products produced some amazing results so I have no problems in recommending them to anyone.

The proof we say in England is in the pudding, well in this case the pudding is torpedo shaped and fights like crazy, well done Tim, I can't wait till its my turn to catch a few of those Dutch Barbel.