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Thursday, 28 January 2010

After 4 Days off You Guessed it's Back To Work

Enjoyed the last 4 days off, caught up with some sleep and been out fishing the first time for a few weeks.

With the mini ice age slowly receding I ventured out into Norwich City centre onto the Wensum for a spot of bream fishing, not everyones cup of tea but Norwich is a great place to live and as the signs say when you enter on the main roads "A Fine City".

The fishing went well and I ended up with a nice haul of bream and a few roach and perch, I had a great day in the company of Mat Woods from Korum and also good friend Pete Taylor turned up and treated us all to a Cappuccino from the local Weatherspoons ,which went down well I can assure you.

                     The Wensum in the heart of Norwich

Just about got the Mac running how I want it, Mac users tell me its worth it in the end, starting to see it that way, but not 100% convinced yet.

I have however turned up another from the Archives, this ones a Pike from the Acle marshes near Great Yarmouth and the year? about 1981 I Guess

With the Mahseer trip to India getting ever closer heres another image from last years trip, has anybody been watching the channel 4 series Indian winter, its been most interesting and from what I saw of India last year very true to life.

Last but not least after a few years of being in decline as far as football goes my home team Norwich City has started to get some results together and are 3 points clear at the top of the league, just hope now they can keep it up and get promotion this season.


Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have been busy for a couple of weeks now moving, checking and deleting files from a desk top and laptop and trying to keep what I want without deleting anything from the kiddell archives in the way of pictures or letters etc. The reason being I have treated myself to an I Mac computer, talk about crystal clear display, its fantastic how clear images are displayed and with a 27 inch monitor its a bit tasty.

On the fishing front its been dead for me the barbel are not feeding and I just can't be arsed to do anything else at the minute, I am trying to rest a painful shoulder/back/arm which has been giving me some awful gip, OUCH!

I did venture out into norwich at the peak of the mini ice age, a few brave men were fishing a match, Wayne Anderson managed a tidy net of small roach and perch for nearly 9lb not bad in minus 3 and 6 inchs of snow.

Wayne Anderson with his winning net

In among the Kiddell archives I did find this image which you might like to see

Ade complete with Keegan esk perm and camo kagool

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back to work

Bad news its back to work tonight after a nice long weekend off, had a get together with the family on Saturday.

Looks like the weather is staying cold for a while yet which is knocking the fishing for six, still only a few weeks and we shall be off to India for another couple of weeks of Mahseer fishing in fantastic surroundings with great company.

Here's one from last years trip

It would be nice to see wild elephants again in India, like these from last years trip