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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Not Stopped

I have not stopped since we got back from Spain, I had promised T some fitted wardrobes for over 2 years so got down and on with it over the last couple of weeks and I must say we are both pleased with the outcome, will leave T to post on No 20 site about them.

So because of that and the weather fishing has been out but decided to put that right this week.

Monday we decided to fish the Riverside stretch in the Centre of Norwich with great Success, using simple feeder tactics with chopped worm and maggot we absolutely bagged up with close to 150lb of bream before we packed in, the bream fed from the off and with fish over 6lb included in the haul we went home well satisfied.

T had some of the better fish, but she was not sure about the chopped worm and grounbait under those well manicured nails.

Had an otter pay us a visit and I got very close to it to take some pictures, is wasn't scared at all by my close presence as you can see, Semi tame and I would say one that is well used to plenty of human activity, likely an unofficial release from a local animal sanctuary or wildlife park.

Had a Consultants meeting yesterday At Korum HQ, great as always to get together with the team, the good thing about the team at Korum is no big names nobody who thinks they are something they are not, just a team of anglers who are just that ordinary every day anglers with passion for our sport.

Look out for some new tackle items hitting the shops soon, my Favourite is the Stalking Rucksack, this will suit most river anglers and I think will soon become a big hit on the banks