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Thursday, 24 February 2011

All too much

Tjitske has been working very hard just lately and needed 5 minutes on the sofa,, 2 hours later she was still snoring,, still she had Spunky to keep her company

I feel very lucky to have such a great person as Tjitske in my life, she has had a tough time herself but never complains and just gets on with life,, she is very special and I am a lucky man..

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A New Life Begins

As many of you may be aware I have had a very difficult few months, back in september my wife of over 30 years decided our marriage was over, the shock of what had happened and the reality of an uncertain future took its toll on my health and happiness.

Lots of people offered encouragement and the main theme was that time would be a great healer and I would be a better person for the experience, believe me at the time I was on the floor and felt there was only one step lower I could go from which there was no return. Every single minute, hour and day was a struggle but thanks to a few people I am still here to tell the tale, those people know who they are and a great thanks to all of them for picking me up and dusting me down to fight another day.

A very special lady was by my side all the time and without her support and incredible love and understanding I know I wouldn't be here now,,,  Tjitske I love you and thank you very much.

Fishing has taken a back seat, the last few weeks, my complete life has been turned upside down, I have had to sell my house and move on to pastures new but together with Tjitske on Friday we moved into our dream home.

To catch up with our adventures at our new home and to see how we get on with our new life together then check out our blog at

I am lucky and very privileged to be sponsored by the best fishing tackle companies in Europe and would like to thank everyone at Preston Innovations, Korum and Sonubaits for continuing to support me over the last few months whilst fishing has been the last thing on my mind, I appreciate it guys and once again thanks for the support.