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Monday, 31 August 2009

2 countries in 1 day

Myself and Frans were lucky enough to be invited to fish a private river in Germany for Barbel today, I am sworn to secrecy on the place and name of the actual river, but lets just say its full of Barbel and a beautiful part of Germany.

Very much like our own river Severn it was like going back 10 years or so when the maggot feeder was the method, I had a cracking days fishing with 10 Barbel landed. The River has a lot of potential for the future with plenty of small Barbel as well as some better Barbel also Asp and Ide, our host also managed some very big Bream.

The Mitten Crab can be a problem on some parts of the river

After spending the day in Germany it was a quick hop over the border and back to Holland for a couple of hours on the River Ijssel, Frans managed a couple of nice Barbel and to lose a few feeders on the rocks, I was quite content with the one Barbel of over 7lb just as the light went

Thats a Barbel from 2 countries in the same day !!!

Sunday 30th August

Just trying to catch up after a couple of busy days here in Europe, firstly yesterday it was my first trip to fish the river Ijssel here in Holland.

I had a great mornings sport catching 5 different species Roach, Bream, Asp, Ide, and Barbel.

The Asp is another new species for me Frans calls it a Roofblei, but we found out later its more commonly known as an Asp.

With the tour of Europe continueing I think I need to buy a bigger car, or Perhaps Frans needs to cut down his gear a little.

Part of my Secret weapon in the evening session was my new hat, it brought me some luck with 3 Barbel from the Waal sunday evening after the 2 from the Ijssel earlier in the day.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Today in Holland

Firstly this morning we paid a visit to the town of Nijmegen for a look round and came across this sign outside the local tackle shop.

This afternoon we went to a new area of the Waal where the local anglers had told us we would catch a few, only they forgot to tell the Barbel the crazy englishman was here, I did manage one small barbel and Frans had 3, Cheese was the succesful bait for all the fish.

We fished until dark and were lucky enough to see a lovely sunset

Friday, 28 August 2009

Winde mystery solved

The fish Frans called a Winde is better known to us as an Orfe here is the one I caught today, its a silver Orfe (Ide)

Dutch Barbel on the feed

Had a Session on the Waal today with Frans I had 4 barbel and a Winde, the best barbel was about 5lb. The Winde is a fish that looks something like a cross between a roach and a chub.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

All aboard

Waiting at Harwich to board the ferry to Holland

Friday, 21 August 2009

Back to work Tonight

Sadly its back to work tonight after another nice break, next week its back to holland for a few days with Frans and the Thunderbirds. I hope the fishing is good and we can get a few big barbel, I would love to break the Dutch record, problem is they most likely wouldnt invite me back.

I was very pleased this week to see my article in the Anglers Mail, a big thanks to Tom who gave up a few hours fishing to take some great pictures for me, I am pretty sure many people out there don't realise what goes into creating an article for a magazine. we took around 500 images to get the quality and content we wanted, it then took me around 8 hours to write it up and complete the article, it then goes off to the magazine for approval and editing as required. for me its a labour of love as i enjoy writing and photography so it all adds up.

I was pleased to see Des Taylor in the angling times this week giving it large about about the problem otters are causing on the River Teme, the problem is many either don't seem to care as its not their river or can't or don't want to see a problem. I have seen first hand the damage they can do on the Wensum. I am sad to say even the hierarchy at the Barbel society are not interested in this one, which is strange as otters now pose a bigger threat to our beloved barbel than ever keeping barbel in still water or all year fishing ever will.

Rant over time for work

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Time to go home

Just put this nice 7lber back and it's time to go home, I have had 30 barbel since tuesday

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My new sign

The battlestone

The Barge Battlestone fully loaded with grave makes her way downstream, she featured in griff rees jones TV series about the rivers of britain.

Barbel action a bit slower today finished with 14 yesterday and I have had 4 so far today

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Trent barbel on the feed

Been fishing since about 9 managed 9 barbel so far up to 8lb

But Ginger has the best so far at 9lb 13oz

On Trent for a couple of days

Two in the net together

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Frans with his best English Barbel

Frans with his best English Barbel of 9lb 7oz from the Middle Severn.

Well done Frans thats a big fish

A Brace of Doubles

Mr first session of the the Season on the Warks Avon ended in a cracking brace of doubles.

The first was this very long lean fish of 11lb 12oz that's a 14+ in the winter

Whilst this fish was recovering in the net before weighing and pictures the other rod came to life with a smaller barbel of around 7lb.

Once the 2 fish were safely returned I didnt have to wait long for number 3 this corker at 10lb 6oz

All in a great result, many thanks For the pictures Paul

Warks Avon double trouble

The WA came good last night with 3 barbel including 2 doubles

I will post some pictures when I get home later today

Many thanks to Paul Garner for the swim/river advice

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

An evening session on the warks Avon

Just got settled in to a promising looking swim on the WA

I have a big flask of tea as I made it and remembered to bring it

The Thunderbirds have gone

Sadly the Thunderbirds have gone home we all had a great time and we are looking forward to our trip to holland very soon

Between us we managed 75 barbel in 6 sessions, Frans was most impressed with the colours of the barbel and how hard they fight.

Thanks to my wife Sonia and Frans wife Tjitske and not forgetting their daughter Linda we all had a fantastic week. All I can say is it's a good job they can speak English as my attemps at Dutch were not good!

Thanks Thunderbirds for a great week see you soon

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hot news

Making the most of the last chance of a fish before going home to
holland Frans has managed a corker at 9lb 7oz (picture to follow)

Plenty of barbel action

We have had a great few days as well as a good holiday the barbel fishing has been very good with Frans showing how good he is at catching barbel in England as well as holland

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Frans and his first taste of English fish and chips

Hot session on the Wye

Yesterday we had a hot session on the Wye in more ways than one the sun was very hot and the fishing was also hot with 17 barbel landed Ade managed 9 and Frans 8

We should have had a nice cup of tea with our fishing but somebody left the flask at home, the same person also found that mobile phones don't work under water

Friday, 7 August 2009

Barbeelen on the Wye

Today the Dutch explorer is tackling the River Wye he has just had a 78cm barbel at 3.75kg

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Barabeel vissen English style

Frans got a taste today of fishing in style here he is eating his
chicken and chips delivered to his peg

Dutch man and his dog

We took the Vogels to the burwarton country show today so they can see
a slice of English life

Frans wins a dog and carries it on his shoulders when the dog gets tired

English Holiday

Frans and fhe Thunderbirds thought they were coming to England for a
holiday but not before they was and wipe up

After a meeting with our friends at Korum and Sonubaits we then went
fishing on the Severn at ironbridge Frans managed 2 fighting fit
Barbel and his first English chub

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Frans the man

Good friend and Dutch barbel ace Frans Vogels with a nice English
barbel, from the river Severn

Yesterday he caught 3 barbel, today so far he has caught 4, Frans
thinks he is in paradise and may not go home

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Angry Sunset

With very little sleep in the last 24 hours I managed a power nap
before tackling the A14 only to be confronted with some very heavy
rain, followed by this angry sunset

Angling Direct new shop

In Suffolk today with the team from Sonubaits at the opening of the
new Angling Direct shop in Beccles Suffolk