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Monday, 31 August 2009

2 countries in 1 day

Myself and Frans were lucky enough to be invited to fish a private river in Germany for Barbel today, I am sworn to secrecy on the place and name of the actual river, but lets just say its full of Barbel and a beautiful part of Germany.

Very much like our own river Severn it was like going back 10 years or so when the maggot feeder was the method, I had a cracking days fishing with 10 Barbel landed. The River has a lot of potential for the future with plenty of small Barbel as well as some better Barbel also Asp and Ide, our host also managed some very big Bream.

The Mitten Crab can be a problem on some parts of the river

After spending the day in Germany it was a quick hop over the border and back to Holland for a couple of hours on the River Ijssel, Frans managed a couple of nice Barbel and to lose a few feeders on the rocks, I was quite content with the one Barbel of over 7lb just as the light went

Thats a Barbel from 2 countries in the same day !!!

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