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Friday, 21 August 2009

Back to work Tonight

Sadly its back to work tonight after another nice break, next week its back to holland for a few days with Frans and the Thunderbirds. I hope the fishing is good and we can get a few big barbel, I would love to break the Dutch record, problem is they most likely wouldnt invite me back.

I was very pleased this week to see my article in the Anglers Mail, a big thanks to Tom who gave up a few hours fishing to take some great pictures for me, I am pretty sure many people out there don't realise what goes into creating an article for a magazine. we took around 500 images to get the quality and content we wanted, it then took me around 8 hours to write it up and complete the article, it then goes off to the magazine for approval and editing as required. for me its a labour of love as i enjoy writing and photography so it all adds up.

I was pleased to see Des Taylor in the angling times this week giving it large about about the problem otters are causing on the River Teme, the problem is many either don't seem to care as its not their river or can't or don't want to see a problem. I have seen first hand the damage they can do on the Wensum. I am sad to say even the hierarchy at the Barbel society are not interested in this one, which is strange as otters now pose a bigger threat to our beloved barbel than ever keeping barbel in still water or all year fishing ever will.

Rant over time for work

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

brothers may come back always, no matter what the catch is..
But if you catch nothing you must come back..