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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

European Adventure Part 1

We have just returned from our first european adventure of the year and what a good one it was.

Our first stop was to see the old dog Frank and the birthday girl Riny, given the choice myself and Frank would have been off fishing straight away, but we had arranged earlier to visit the Overloon war museum, so early the next day we paid a visit to this incredible and very interesting collection, well worth the visit and somewhere I will definitely visit again in the future.

After visiting family and friends the next day I finally got a chance to fish and The Waal near to Gendt was my chosen destination and a barbel first cast was my just reward, no a biggie but none the less satisfying as it was my first European fish of the year

When we are in Holland its always great to meet up with the guys and gals out there whom we are proud to call our friends, during the weekend we met up with Cees, Tim, Rinko, Frank, Mike and many more, too many to mention, the venue was the Ijssel and the fishing was good and the company and friendships even better

After visiting more family, the next day it was time to make an early start and take the Barbel Bus into new territory with the plan being to travel from Eindhoven to Limoges, France in one day. The journey took around 14 hours with plenty of stops for refreshments and fuel but we finally made it to our hosts house just after 9pm.

To be continued