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Thursday, 28 January 2010

After 4 Days off You Guessed it's Back To Work

Enjoyed the last 4 days off, caught up with some sleep and been out fishing the first time for a few weeks.

With the mini ice age slowly receding I ventured out into Norwich City centre onto the Wensum for a spot of bream fishing, not everyones cup of tea but Norwich is a great place to live and as the signs say when you enter on the main roads "A Fine City".

The fishing went well and I ended up with a nice haul of bream and a few roach and perch, I had a great day in the company of Mat Woods from Korum and also good friend Pete Taylor turned up and treated us all to a Cappuccino from the local Weatherspoons ,which went down well I can assure you.

                     The Wensum in the heart of Norwich

Just about got the Mac running how I want it, Mac users tell me its worth it in the end, starting to see it that way, but not 100% convinced yet.

I have however turned up another from the Archives, this ones a Pike from the Acle marshes near Great Yarmouth and the year? about 1981 I Guess

With the Mahseer trip to India getting ever closer heres another image from last years trip, has anybody been watching the channel 4 series Indian winter, its been most interesting and from what I saw of India last year very true to life.

Last but not least after a few years of being in decline as far as football goes my home team Norwich City has started to get some results together and are 3 points clear at the top of the league, just hope now they can keep it up and get promotion this season.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lucky so and so off to India.

Persevere with the Mac mate, i bought one a couple of months ago and i think it is fantastic, so much less hassle than a PC.