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Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have been busy for a couple of weeks now moving, checking and deleting files from a desk top and laptop and trying to keep what I want without deleting anything from the kiddell archives in the way of pictures or letters etc. The reason being I have treated myself to an I Mac computer, talk about crystal clear display, its fantastic how clear images are displayed and with a 27 inch monitor its a bit tasty.

On the fishing front its been dead for me the barbel are not feeding and I just can't be arsed to do anything else at the minute, I am trying to rest a painful shoulder/back/arm which has been giving me some awful gip, OUCH!

I did venture out into norwich at the peak of the mini ice age, a few brave men were fishing a match, Wayne Anderson managed a tidy net of small roach and perch for nearly 9lb not bad in minus 3 and 6 inchs of snow.

Wayne Anderson with his winning net

In among the Kiddell archives I did find this image which you might like to see

Ade complete with Keegan esk perm and camo kagool

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