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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Flying Dutchamn

Frans The Flying Dutchman lands next week for his first taste of some english barbel fishing, his wife Tjitske and daughter Linda are also coming over so it will be a holiday as well as plenty of fishing.

For all the lastest catch reports and adventures of the Dutch Thunderbirds keep an eye out here, I will try to keep you updated as the week goes on.

There is a rumour flying around that I might be going horse riding next week, Me, I pity the poor horse


Anonymous said...

Poor poor horse.. Ade, next week after horseryding you can't walk or sit for a week.No fishing for you. The Dutchman will be very pleased, he can catch a lot of barbels!

linda said...

Hello Englisch Uncle, I read you will be horseryding with me! I am very pleased. Now I bring you a present.

See you on Monday

greetings Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi French Tjitte and Linda and of course Sir Ade Kiddell.
Happy holidays and lots of Barbel.
Groetjes 020ger from Weesp

Ade Kiddell said...

He johnny
bij deze ben je uitgenodigd als ADE de volgende keer komt. Hij wil je graag ontmoeten.

Ginger Gnome said...

Ade Horse riding...HA Ha
Must see pictures of that, on the flat or over the sticks?