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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Missing Someone

Had a good evening yesterday, did a slide show presentation for the West Norfolk Disabled Angling Club at Kings Lynn, just like the old days with Tom and Ginger helping out. I reckon it was one of the best talks I have ever done it went well and after all the heartache of the last few weeks I felt a bit of the old Ade was back.

Spare a thought for Lady T I know she is struggling a bit at the minute with things over in Holland, it really is time that someone grew up and faced reality and realised the truth.

Found this picture in the archives a much younger me with a nice bag of Wensum Roach


Gary said...

I was at last nights event and i have to say it was a very good night, i learnt a bit and its giving me a taster to learn more.

Ade Kiddell said...

Cheers Gary, what a pity we didnt get a few more through the door.

Anonymous said...

pitty i missed your talk, next time i be there also.

nice photo


Anonymous said...

Ecelent night mate.
The 3 of us together for the first time in ages.
Dont get me wrong i know why.

This picture was wondering on the night where is that from Ringland?


Ade Kiddell said...