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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Still The Master

I might have the Flying Dutchman one side and the Barbel Queen the other but I reckon this one shows who the master is.

I made Tim some special F1 grounbait he has just had his best of the trip and I had this beauty,, me thinks they might like it.

Hold tight it's Ts turn next


Nico said...

What a big beauty!!! the master is teaching again!!

Rinko Oosterveen said...

Haha, lovely Barb Ade!!!
F1 is doing the job really good ;-)

Mike said...


Finaly they have to show some respect ;) to THE BOSS.

Greetings Mike

Marcel said...

You Sure know how to catch them Ade.
Well Done!

Come hold me tight said...

Its a whopper!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice fish Mate.....