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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sad News

Very sad but not surprised to hear that fishing on the Cauvery River in Southern India has been banned.

Several organisations including Jungle lodges and Angling Direct Holidays are busily fighting the ban but I don't hold out too much hope.

My feelings are this has been caused by the action of one or two individuals who are very jealous of the  whole situation regarding fishing on The Cauvery, basically they want to control it and Angling Direct and Jungle Lodges all ready have that under control so they have stirred and stirred and now this is the result.

Watch this space for further announcements


Anonymous said...

Sad news indeed mate..
But on the bright side you have so many good memories..

Anonymous said...

For sure many great memories and maybe the last Englishman for a long while to catch a mighty mahseer from the river

Anonymous said...

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Gareth Watkins said...

That's a cracking photo there Ade..Never been to or fishind in India so hope its sorted. regards Gareth