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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Work Work and more Work

Work is very busy at the minute and working some extra shifts has put a stop to any fishing for a day or two, it will be 2nd week of July before I can get out again, but fear not I will make up for the missed sessions later in the season.

The rivers are running very low and clear at the minute and it means an early or late session will often be more productive and adapting to the conditions by altering your rig, bait and approach will always pay off.

Got plans to fish the Severn, Trent and the Warks Avon in the next few weeks, then it will be time for Frans, Tjitske and Linda to visit us from Holland.

Little Florence continues to do well and I have spoke to Korum to see if we can get a special one piece suit made for the coming winter!!!

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