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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bikes and Windmills

In Holland the land of Bikes, Windmills and Cheese as they say if you cant beat them join them, so I Did, after last weeks adventures horse riding this week its bike riding, but with no hills and roads designed with cycles in mind, its good fun and good exercise and also our trip along the banks of the Waal was a great way to see the river.

Next it was off to the river Ijssel to catch a few barbel nothing big but a nice net of silver fish on the maggot and a switch to the monkey had 3 nice barbel grace the net, the river was very high and at one point the krib I was fishing from was completly swamped as a heavily laden passing barge caused a large swell which nearly washed me out. We have had some very strong winds which have made fishing difficult at times, the old fashioned dutch cloggers windmill has been replaced by many of the new fashion wind turbines like here on the Ijssel, which were working overtime due to the strong winds.

Now you are going to ask where the cheese came in, well thats simple a nice mature cheese sandwich and a cold beer.

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