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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rain Spaceships and Big Barbel

All week the forecast has been for heavy rain and strong winds for today and they were correct for a change its hissed down most of the day with strong winds not ideal fishing weather.

We did manage to get a few hours in this morning between the showers and I must admit I had to take a second look when an approaching ship looked more like a space ship than a boat.

Frans managed a small barbel early on and I was close to admitting defeat when the Baitrunner on the Korum reel sang my kinda song and a strike of Zorro met with the firm resistance of a big barbel after a couple of hairy moments with the rocks Frans slid the net under a big fish.

The scales didn't quite do the double but at 9.09 I was more than happy, bad news is in our hurry to pack in I left an unhooking mat and landing net on the krib, good luck to whoever picks it up.

For the last four hours it hasnt stopped raining and I would imagine the local roads are well flooded the campsite roads are under water and several awnings on site have collapsed under the strain of the heavy rain.


Frank said...

Leaving someting (a nice sacrifice) peronal behind on a Waal krib, satisfy and pleases the dutch barbel gods. They will reward you for it next year. Y'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank I hope so, back in holland end of month on way through to Germany.