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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Back to work

Had a good 4 days off but it's back to work tonight

Walked in The Malverns on Sunday which was something I have never done before but will definitely be doing again, great walking with breathtaking scenery.

Caught a few barbel from the Severn only fished for about 6 hours in total but managed 5 average size but none the less cracking fish.

Had a great meeting yesterday with the team at Preston innovations and looked at some new tackle ideas and products, a special thanks to Ian Day at Sonubaits for not only giving me a chance in the first place but being a great mate and very supportive ever since, cheers Ian I appreciate it

The next few weeks are looking tough to say the least but I know the support from my family, my friends and one special person will get me through it.

Remember one and all

The Truth Never lies


F.F.F. said...

Good to see your still getting a few

Ade Kiddell said...

Yes Mate and with a smile on my face

Anonymous said...

Nowt like a good walk to clear the mind mate.


'Oatcake Ade'

Anonymous said...

Top Man ADE (oatcake) Top man