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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy New Year

Firstly a big apology for not posting much in the last few weeks, with so much on my plate its been the last thing on my mind.

OK so lets put that right, firstly a very happy and prosperous new year to each and everyone who reads my blog.

Had a few fishing sessions so far in the new year, managed a few perch and skimmers last week at a local lake just a few hundreds yard from our front door, then today its been great to be out with Ginger Tommy and Lady T. We decided a spot of piking was in order so just like the good old days we met at first light, my brief was the tackle and bait and Tom sorted the bacon and sausage baps, Lady T sorted out what ever ladies sort out!!!! and Ginger was the gillie for the day.

First blood went to lady T

Pike fishing made easy for us with the Korum Snapper Range, simply open the packet tie a knot and you are ready to fish, we used a mixture of live and deadbaits with more runs coming to the lives but better fish to the deads.

Tom is a bit unsure as pike have big teeth so was thankful our gillie was on hand to take the hooks out, especially when this superb fish well into double figures picked up his bait.

We packed in just before dark after over 30 runs and 26 pike landed and had a cracking day.

Doing a magazine feature tomorrow, hopefully a good session on the chop worm


Frank said...

superbe Ade&company!!

26 pikes on a day.

my count stops at 3 (untill now)

But never the less....Barbel...



Anonymous said...

Plenty of action, great time had with great company.
Well done the 3 of you kept me busy.