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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


To control the spread of the OTTER

The OTTER is quickly spreading across the country and as they travel, they are killing coarse fish. many of these are large carp costing thousands of pounds, that many anglers look forward to having the chance to catch. Many fisheries are suffering huge losses due to the Otter. After killing the fish,they eat the area around the organs then leave the rest of the fish. Then move on to the next fish.Anglers pay yearly to be allowed to fish to the E.A. as well as putting a lot of money into the economy. We want the Government to address this problem and allow fisheries to cull Otters

Stop Illegal Fish Thefts!

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
I'm asking for your support to get DEFRA to take greater action to prevent the Illegal theft of fish from waters, particularly but not confined to the Fenland/East Anglia regions. For some time now organised gangs have used all manner of illegal methods to target native fish stocks, including the use of set lines, trawl nets and other such illegal boating activities. The ecological balance of many fenland waters have already been critically damaged, this is also having a financial effect on those whose livelyhoods depends on the tourist & sport fishing trades. The laws to prevent such actions are already in place, they just need stronger policing & heavier penalties on conviction. Please support this petition, before our waters are ruined forever. Thank You.


Rob Thompson said...

One day someone might actually shock us and take some notice eh, I shan't hold by breath but we can't stop trying

Anonymous said...

We Must Keep up the fight

Otters have destroyed the wensum and some local lakes