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Monday, 27 February 2012

Just Home and Still Buzzing

Arrived home late last night and my head is still buzzing from our trip to India, the Mahseer of Southern India's River Cauvery are for me the ultimate challenge and experience, no other fish and no other place fire my imagination and set my pulse racing like the Cauvery.

T joined me on the trip and not only did she take some amazing pictures but she also caught over 100 Mahseer herself using barbel gear she landed fish up to 25lb so well done to her.

I set myself a target of a 50 this year, best before the trip was 35lb, did I beat it you bet I did I smashed it with the best Cauvery fish of this mahseer season at an amazing 83lb

More words and pictures to follow but we must unpack and wash away the smog and dust of Bangalore.

Thanks T for a great trip some stunning images and most of all for being there when I caught the fish of a life time


Mike said...

Hello Adde and Tjiske.

You both enjoyed the well deserved trip to india. And what a catch Ade.
This is really a fish of a life time.

Greetings Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike.

It was a dream trip I never will forget.
Great to share all those moments together Ade.

T xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Ade

I was with you in India for a week a couple of years ago.

I've got to say this - well done mate. You're a top man Ade.

I'd never been there before and you shjow me a few things and even gave me a few leads, etc...

You deserve it, mate - I couldn't have happened to a nicer man.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark a true fish of a lifetime and an amazing feeling.

with 1 week to go its the biggest mahseer out of the cauvery this season

Well happy


Tim said...

Hey Ade
Good to see you got a very nice Trip to india togther with Tjitske.. Many Fish and the biggest of this season. You deserve it mate!! good to see you smiling

cya soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Ade & Tjitske, What a monsterfish Ade, unbelievable!
It seems you both got a unforgetable trip...good to see you happy!!


Anonymous said...

Top Drawer in all accounts, a fantastic shared experience and something to savor.....

Well done Ade & T.

Ade (Oatcake)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ade and Tjitske,
What a fantastic trip.
Good to see you both happy and of course congratulations with the massive fish.

Cheers and all the best wishes


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the both of you, cant wait to see all the photos, sounds as though you both had one hell of a trip.
You both deserve it.


Frank&Riny said...

There are no words for that
"ugly Moby Dick".

But more important is the joy, love,
and happiness, the both off you shared over there.

Hope to hear and see you soon.



Anonymous said...

Better to be born lucky than good looking eh Ade :-)

Looks like you've fallen on your feet with Lady T, what a Lady.

oh by the way
Congratulations on the fish of many a lifetime mate

Phil B

Anonymous said...

Some good pics mate trying to work this out whilst waiting for my load lol, will look at the video at home when I have faster Internet connection
Shaun (thrapston)