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Friday, 10 February 2012

More Proof

Another Picture and more proof that otters are very quickly destroying fisheries up and down the country

Here Some good carp from a midland still water, image from Dave Harrell, typical otter damage 6 fish destroyed and only guts and eyes eaten.

We must act now before its too late, however I fear it might be already too late for many places


Rob Thompson said...

I'm finally coming to the conclusion that we can't do anything Ade except fence in stillwaters where possible within the bounds of location and cost. Long term we can only hope that the population stabalises itself as most species tend to do but when and if that will be is anyones guess especially as they now have a prime food source available in commercial fisheries that was never there when otters were last common

Anonymous said...

Yes Rob I agree, sadly fencing stillwaters just puts more pressure on our rivers


Jeff Hatt said...

It'll only solve half the problem but my suggestion is that still-waters actively encourage night fishing rather than discouraging or banning it altogether. Anglers bankside by moonlight, will mean no otters. Whatever the problems allowing night fishing may entail, is nothing by comparison with losing expensive fish by the half-dozen

Stewart Harris said...

I've been had enough close encounters this season to be able to assure you that otters are not shy at all and the presence of anglers will not put them off at all. There is every chance that other than a few fenced waters coarse fishing in my area will all but be destroyed over the next decade, I feel compelled to do something but what exactly can we do? Its a lose lose situation, any call for a cull would be equally disastrous, the general public's view of such a cull would be 'you want to kill otters so you can stick hooks in fish'?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ade

Just heard you landed an 83lb Mahseer!

Great news, mate - it couldn't have happened to a nicer man, cheers Ade.