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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Small River Barbel in Germany

Had a great day in Germany yesterday after an invite from a Dutch barbel angler Cees Van Dongen who now lives in Germany.

We crossed the Dutch German border and drove the 60 odd miles to the River, the river is very much like our own River Severn here in England, with steep banks and areas of fast running water with plenty of
gravel that the barbel love.

The river is only lightly fished and sees very little bait so a more natural approach to the river was in order, we choose to fish over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn with corn and maggot for hookbait.

Tom was first into a fish and the smile on his face spoke for just how pleased he was with his first German Barbel.

Standing in the river in chest waders is fine normally but with the weather still very cold the river was also best described as bloody cold.

The fish were however feeding and not long after Tom returned his fish I managed to hook my first of the day and a very good fish it was too just a couple of ounces short of a double and a very big fish for the river, taken on a good old fashioned maggot hook-bait.

In between stops to warm up with plenty of coffee and snacks supplied by Tjitske Vogels we caught a total of 5 barbel betwen us with Tom having 3 to my 2.

Many Thanks to Cees Van Dongen for allowing us to fish this gem of a river and for his kindness and advice during the day.

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