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Friday, 7 May 2010

Talking Double Dutch

Fishing the River Waal again today but have to be off the bank by 1600 as I have been invited by the Fishing club at Gendt to give a slide show and talk about barbel fishing in England and how I approach the barbel fishing in Holland, barbel fishing is fairly new in Holland and the there is so much potential for some fantastic sport in the future.

The Waal produced the goods this morning in the shape of a cracking barbel of 9.14, the river flow was such that we needed an 8oz feeder to hold bottom in the swim, but typical of barbel fishing the bite was un-miss able and a good fight from the fish in the heavy flow.

The slide show and talk went well this evening with a good turn out of match and specialist anglers enjoyed a good talk with our Dutch friend and host Frans Vogels and his wife Tjitske acting as interrupters for the presentation.

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