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Monday, 29 August 2011

Busy Days

Just back from the severn after a few busy days guiding, firstly it was Kevin and Lloyd who managed to get among the severn barbel, after a difficult day on a low clear river we still managed a few with a nice fish each just as the sun set.

With no time to rest the next day it was Julia, Paul and Jacko's turn with 2 days booked to take in and enjoy the beauty of the middle Severn as well as catch a few barbel.

Jacko got the ball rolling with a nice barbel first cast.

Julia took a bit longer but when it came she played this big barbel very well and the excited screams made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Paul fished very well but had to wait until the second day to get his rewards, in the end he had some nice barbel from a difficult swim which he managed well but the barbel tested him and the gear to the limits, but hey thats why I love barbel fishing.

So all in all a great few days, with 5 anglers hooking and landing their first barbel thats very rewarding for me and those concerned.

One slight worry was the restless night I had on Friday, I kept dreaming of cows and could hear mooing in my sleep it kept me awake and the caravan seemed more like a cowshed, it wasn't until the morning when I got up that the mystery was answered, young Jacko had a rave up with Bessy the caravan cow, just what he was up to we will never know.

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Anonymous said...

Yet more happy customers.
Congratulations to all, hope you all enjoyed yourselfs.