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Friday, 19 August 2011

With A Little Help From My (Dutch) Friends

Just back from a quick trip to Holland mostly for business and family reasons so no time for much fishing and with a car full of people and luggage there was no room for fishing tackle. Thanks to Tim Janssen who loaned me some tackle and supplied the bait we spent a good day on the Ijssel catching a few nice barbel

It was so good to see Tim but also Frank joined us and during the day Cees, Nico, Marcel and Mike also came along for a chat, so for me it was a catch up with some great friends and fellow barbel anglers.

Maybe next year we need to organise a full weekend where we can all get together and have a fish as well as a good chat and perhaps a BBQ as well. I will leave that for you dutch guys to think about, I am sure you can organise something.

Last cast of the day produced something a bit special in the form a good size Blauw Neus something we don't catch in England but even for Holland I am told this was a specimen size fish.

A Big Thanks to Tim for sorting the fishing and a special thanks to the rest of you for turning up and having a chat your friendship and understanding means much to me and Tjitske. The invite to Fish with us in England is always open and we would welcome your company.

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Anonymous said...

it was a good day thanks