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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 3

We were up early and off the campsite just after 0700 and soon in Gendt on a Krib that has produced plenty of barbel for me in the past.

With the river very low fishing is much more difficult as the pace of the river is much higher, where in the past 180grm feeders were enough even 240grm is not sufficient. I was glad I had my Korum Precision 2lb rods with me, they handle the heavy feeders with ease and coupled to my Korum reels I am well equipped for the challenge.

The first cast produced a bream followed by a Winde but when the rod hooped over on the third cast and the bait runner on the reel screamed the strike met with the tell tale surge of a hooked barbel, not a huge fish but most welcome.

We packed in just before 1300 as we had Tjitske friends Janny and Linda visiting us at the campsite, we spent a great afternoon chatting and Tjitske enjoyed the chance to catch up on the gossip she had missed.

I am sure they were talking about me but with only 3 words in my dutch vocabulary I didn't have a clue what or who they were talking about, rest assured I was on my best behaviour for the visit!!!!

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