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Friday, 13 May 2011

Holland Day 1

After taking the night ferry from Harwich we landed early on Wednesday and took a steady trip from The Hook to our campsite at Oosterhout on the banks of the River Waal, close to Nijmegen.

Considering it was the first time we had put the tent up and half the campsite waited in anticipation of us making a complete hash of it we were well pleased to be sipping tea less than an hour after of our arrival.

Tim arrived not much later with our vispas (Dutch fishing licence) and some cheese for bait, the bad news from Tim was the entire river system was fishing very poorly with very few barbel being caught anywhere in Holland.

Not put off by Tims news I couldn't wait to wet a line and decided to fish one of the Kribs at the campsite, out went the monkey with pellet on one rod and some cheese on the other, A bream took a liking to the pellet but when the cheese rod hooped over not long after I was over the moon when the tell tale fight signalled my first Dutch Barbel of the year.

I didn't land anymore fish that evening but had a great evening chatting with Tim, it was good to be back in Holland and good to be with great company. 

Thanks Tim for your help and picking up the bits and pieces for me, I will return the favour in a few weeks when you come to England

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