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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sadly the last day

Another Early start and a planned meeting with Frank and Riny to fish on the Waal but further downstream than I had fished before, Frank took me to one of his favoured spots, with a chance to fish from the beach rather than a krib, which made a nice change.

Franks a great angler and thinks hard about his fishing and like a lot of us would be fishing every day if he could. Proof is in results and it didn't take long for Frank to find a barbel.

Riny had baked us another apple cake after I had managed to eat most of the one from the evening before, washed down with loads of coffee, it went down well.

Our great friend Cees paid us a visit during the day and it was good for us to catch up with him and as always the chat turned to fishing and although Frank and Cees had not met before it didn't take long for them to become acquainted.

Sadly the day went all too quickly, Franks early barbel was the only whicker of the day, a few bream and winde put in an appearance but as for the whole trip the barbel were hard to find.

But as the sun set on another great trip we can again take home a head and heart full of memories and look forward to September when we will again meet up with friends and attempt to catch some Dutch and German Barbel

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